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Mentoring Sessions: visionary leadership – for you or your team

Get help to clarify your goals, focus on your priorities. Get support for your success.  Step into leadership. For visionaries who care about culture, creativity, inclusion, conscious business. Are you at a crossroads? Need inspiration for your next move? Launching something new? Ready to step into visionary leadership? Through regular mentoring sessions with Rifa, you’ll get:

  • CLARITY – about where you are now and where you want to go
  • CONFIDENCE – to move to the next level
  • CREATIVITY – to work on how to get there

Get in touch for a FREE 30 minute chemistry session – in person or over Skype or choose from:

  • 3 hour REFOCUS – mentoring session: Let’s meet for a half day confidential session tailored to you, focusing on your goals and how to get there. You’ll receive a detailed plan of action to help you to the next level.
  • 1 hour REFRESH – one-to-one session: A confidential one-to-one mentoring session – for work or personal life. Over time you will see growth in all areas of your life,  I recommend you have at least three sessions to see the difference, but even one session can unlock your goals.

Meditation at your work

  • 1 hour team session: An initial 1 hour session with talk, demo and Q&A plus weekly lunchtime guided meditations in your work place for relaxation, stress reduction, mindfulness, compassion, creativity and productivity.
  • 6 week lunchtime or after work meditation course: Each week, Rifa comes to your work place to give guided meditations for your team. Rifa’s worked with creative teams, universities, charities and corporates providing an efficient, effective meditation course, to build resilience and de-stress in the workplace.

Each quarter, look out for Refigure events in Brighton