About Rifa

Meet our founder Rifa: mentor, project manager, meditation teacher and women in tech advocate. When it comes to wellness and meditation in the workplace, Rifa’s got it covered. If you want to step into visionary leadership, start the journey with Rifa as your guide.

Refigure is founded by Rifa: organiser of successful women’s networking group SheSays Brighton and Festival Director of Spring Forward. She has worked for 20 years as a digital project manager in the tech and creative industries; building large-scale websites; working at a senior level with global clients.

Rifa is also a Sivananda Yogini, meditation teacher and reiki master trainer. She has trained with Tibetan Buddhist monks in Nepal and with gurus across India.

Rifa finds these accumulated skills and techniques very useful inside the fast-moving digital industry. She ran her popular classes and workshops from 2000 onwards, alongside her successful career in digital. These two parallel careers inspired the founding of Refigure.