REFIGURE EVENTS present: Reframe

SheSays Brighton and presents: Reframe 2018: Break the Pattern

A heart-centred gathering for 20 people, to help us positively reframe our life and work – and break unhelpful patterns hosted and led by Rifa Thorpe-Tracey
Wednesday 11 July 2018, from 6pm

Hello lovely, what are you doing in July? Get your ticket!

Building on the amazing responses* to my first Refigure and Refocus events earlier this year, on Wednesday 11th July we gather again for a third evening workshop. This one is called Reframe 2018: Break the Pattern – and it would be fabulous to see you again.

My plan is to take advantage of our high summer energy to dig deeper into how we form – and break – patterns and habits across all aspects of our lives. We will gather inspiration and support from each other as we develop plans for a positive reframing. 

For this evening among friends, expect a chance to unpack your successes and challenges, look at what triggers you and forms your barriers. There’ll be guided meditation, led activities and inspiring informal conversation. We’ll build on the intentions we set at the start of 2018, with more focus on action.

Your host is Rifa: meditation teacher, mentor, advocate for women in tech andSheSays organiser. Refreshments are provided. 

So come along and join a convivial, inspiring group, as we unite to help safely grow our ambitions and break down barriers, in time for a brilliant summer. 

It’ll be great to have you along for the ride. See you there.

*Here are a few of the comments:

“Refigure was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it. What I really enjoyed was all the different types of meditation we did. I have a hard time keeping focused when meditating (on my breathing etc) and counting on our fingers and having a visualisation was really helpful. I think it’s the most enjoyable meditation I’ve ever had. It was some much needed relaxation after being very stressed about my upcoming assessments for Uni.”

“I’d had a mega busy week and I prioritised this event as I knew I would leave feeling refreshed and mentally revitalised.”

I felt quite clear headed afterwards, taking some time out to think and meditate was very beneficial. We spend so much time rushing around getting distracted from what matters, and it doesn’t really get us anywhere apart from more stressed.”

“I really enjoyed being taken to another place and the journey to the future”

“I felt great. Refreshed and revitalised. I slept well and felt calmer.”

“You held the space so well and I felt so safe and protected”

Thank you!

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